Identifying where asbestos is in your home, house or buildings

30 Years Experience

Up until the late 1980's asbestos was a common material that you could find in a huge range of building products that where used in houses and buildings throughout Sydney, Australia and the world.

If you are the owner of a house or buildings that are being demolished then you will want to identify and know where to look to find all of the materials in your home that could potentially contain the dangerous fibres.

Unfortunately identifying and trying to find where your problem building materials are in a house is a job for the professionals and if you try to do it yourself you may find yourself in difficulties.

Here is a list of some of the materials that you may find in your house that contain asbestos fibres.

Pipes, heating systems and boilers in houses or buildings. These can be insulated with asbestos blankets etc. These materials can be very dangerous as you will find that they can release fibres if damaged. Identifying early on where these materials have been used in your home before any repairs or removal takes place is extremely important.

Home soundproofing and coating materials that have been sprayed on walls and ceilings of houses and buildings. Again, you may find that where these have become loose and crumbly, or potentially water damaged asbestos fibres are being released. These materials can be extremely dangerous if you try identifying them yourself, removing or repairing them. It is important to correctly identify them and find a professional to help in identifying them and dealing with them.

Insulating board materials used in your home or buildings. Once again, you will find that these can become crumbly and water damaged. Identifying them can be difficult as you may find that they look very similar to materials used today. It is important that you do not attempt to repair or remove these materials from your home or buildings before you identify what and where they are. Until then leave them where they are.

Old cement sheeting use for walls and floors in homes and buildings may contain asbestos fibres. You may also find fibres in millboard, wall panels or insulation where it has been used around heaters. Cutting, tearing or repairing these materials may release dangerous fibres. Identifying what these building materials contain and where they are from the outset is extremely important before attempting any removal or repairs.

Vinyl floor tiles, vinyl floor sheeting, textured paint and jointing compounds used in your home, shed or buildings can all also contain asbestos. Identifying which of these products contain dangerous fibres is extremely important before making any repairs or removal.

Roofing tiles where another area where asbestos was used extensively. You will find that many old buildings and houses where the roofs contain dangerous fibres. Correctly identifying fibrous roof tiles that have been used on your home or shed could save you time and money.