Asbestos removal and disposal in the St George Area

30 Years Experience

The St. George area really came to life from the 1920’s and over the next fifty years would see an incredible rate of growth and expansion thanks to its broad appeal as a family friendly area which is still the case today. Having such broad appeal saw housing demand skyrocket and in order to meet that demand, as was standard at the time, construction involved the use of products containing asbestos. It was the easiest and most efficient way in which to navigate and honour the cost restrictions many families faced, as well as ensure a house or building’s durability. Typically, these products took the form of fibro sheeting but could also be found across a wide range of things, including vinyl backed tiles, various insulation products and old heating systems, in their cement pipes to name a few.

At the time, asbestos was seen as a cheap, readily available and presumably harmless material. Well, while it remained cheap and available until its eventual phasing out in 1987, and then its complete ban both on use and importation in 2003, it turned out not to be as harmless as first thought. In fact asbestos is an incredibly dangerous and highly toxic material which, as a result of its easily-breathed in fibres can cause long term damage and ultimately for those who worked with it for an extended and consistent period of time turn out to be life-threatening. See, the thing about asbestos fibres is that they are very easy to breathe in but not at all easy to get rid of. In fact, asbestos fibres can hang around in your system for decades after you’ve finished being exposed to them. It’s best for everybody in the long run that if you have reason to suspect your house or place of work, or even a community building contains asbestos, you call in the experts, get their opinion and get things removed as quickly and safely as you can. If you’re wondering where to find experts, you’ve come to the right place.

NSW Asbestos Removal are centrally located in Sydney's Silverwater within easy reach of all suburbs in the St George area. We are fully insured and qualified in the removal and disposal of bonded asbestos and are fully compliant with both NSW and the local St George council’s removal and disposal regulations and requirements.

Our highly professional asbestos removal team have over 30 years of extensive experience and are safety trained to ensure that all projects have a safety led approach. We treat your safety and your family's and/or colleague’s safety as our highest priority. If you’re concerned about any the building materials that seem to have been used in your old St George house, garage, outhouse or shed then give us a call – the testing of suspect materials and their subsequent removal and disposal if necessary, is actually an easy procedure that can be carried out at an incredibly reasonable cost with little to no fuss. So call us on 0407 050 694 to grab a quote, put your mind at ease and discuss your project.