Renovating an old Sydney house and need to replace your old asbestos ceiling?

30 Years Experience

If your Sydney house or commercial building was built prior to the 1980's then there is a good chance that some of the building materials used will contain asbestos.

Many of these older buildings will contain fibro sheeting, tiles, cladding, insulation materials, ceilings and a whole range of other items that could potentially be at risk. Removing these items without understanding what they are made of can risk your health but also could cost you in respect of a fine. There are very strict laws in NSW relation to both the removal and the disposal of asbestos materials.

If you are worried about what the ceiling that you are pulling out is made of NSWAR can come to your home or business and take samples that can then be analysed by a laboratory. If it turns out that the ceiling or building materials do contain asbestos we can then remove the ceiling or suspect materials for you and replace them with modern hard wearing alternatives. We will even dispose of all of the waste for you.

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