Asbestos use in Australia

30 Years Experience

Up until the mid 1980's asbestos use was common in a whole range of building products in Australia. These products include fibro panelling, roofing materials, insulation, fllor tiles, eave linings and a huge variety of others.

During the building booms that took place in Australia following the first and second world wars hundreds of thousands of homes were built in the suburbs of all of the major capital cities. These homes were built using cheap commonly available building materials of the day and unfortunately many of these building materials contained asbestos. The use of these building products was widespread throughout Australia.

If you own an older house in Australia and you intend renovating or in many cases repairing that house you need to have a good understanding of where asbestos may have been used within the house, what you can and can't do with those products, what you can use to repair damage, what you shouldn't use to repair damage and who you should call if you need assistance.

NSWAR have been removing and disposing of contaminated materials from Sydney houses for over 30 years. We are licensed and have a full understanding of what you can and can't do in Australia and when you need to use a professional. We can help with all aspects of removal and it's use in products and can also assist you with disposal.

Call us today to find out what you can and can't do yourself and to discuss your building project.