What Is An Asbestos Fence And How To Dispose Of It

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What is an Asbestos Fence?

Asbestos, once hailed for its fire resistance and durability, was widely utilised in numerous products, including fencing. Asbestos fencing, typically installed from the mid-20th century until the 1980s, was popular due to its resistance to fire, durability, and insulation properties...

How to Identify an Asbestos Fence

Age of the Property

Properties built between the 1950s and the 1980s are more likely to feature asbestos-containing materials, including fencing.

Visual Characteristics

Asbestos fences are often composed of cement sheeting which might be corrugated and could appear grey and slightly weathered with age.

Physical Properties

Asbestos fences might exhibit a somewhat brittle nature, especially as they age.

Professional Inspection

Given the health risks associated with asbestos, if you suspect a fence contains asbestos, it is prudent to engage a licensed asbestos removal contractor.

Asbestos Fence Removal

Legalities and Compliance

Before initiating removal, it is imperative to check local, state, or national regulations concerning asbestos abatement. Each state has it's own guidelines in terms of what you can and cannot do in terms of asbestos removal. Fines can be quite severe for people not following these guidelines.

Employing Professionals

Given the hazardous nature of asbestos, employing licensed asbestos removalists, who are well-versed in adhering to safety guidelines and have the requisite equipment, is crucial.

Safety Protocols

Professionals will employ various safety measures, like wearing appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and utilising specialised equipment to minimise fibre release.

Asbestos Fence Disposal

Containment and Transport

Once removed, asbestos materials should be securely contained in approved asbestos waste bags or wrapped in plastic sheeting.

Disposal Sites

Asbestos waste must be disposed of at licensed disposal sites. The professional removalists typically undertake the responsibility of properly discarding the material in compliance with local regulations.

Record Keeping

Maintain thorough records of the removal and disposal process, including disposal receipts and a summary of the work conducted, safeguarding all parties involved.

Asbestos fencing, though once ubiquitous, poses substantial health risks that necessitate meticulous management. From identification through to disposal, ensuring that each phase is executed in adherence to regulatory and safety guidelines is paramount in safeguarding public health and the environment.

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