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Types of asbestos - Sydney & NSW

There are six different minerals that are generally classed as asbestos. These are Amosite, Crocidolite, Tremolite, Chrysotile and Actinolite.

More than 90% of asbestos that has been used commercially around the world and in Sydney and NSW is Chrysotile. Chrysotile was extracted from serpentinite rocks and was used in a variety of products ranging from corrugated roof sheeting to asbestos fabrics used for insulation and fire protection. Chrysotile also used to be used in a lot of brake linings for cars.

Asbestos that has been used commercially is quite often referred to as either bonded or friable asbestos.

Bonded asbestos is the most common form used in Australia. The term bonded refers to the fact that the fibres have been cemented together using some form of resin, glue, cement or other bonding material. Examples of bonded products would be fibro sheeting, corrugated fibro roofing and sheeting products used in bathrooms, eaves, outhouses etc. If bonded asbestos products are damaged or disturbed then dangerous fibres can be released into the air.

Friable asbestos refers to uses of asbestos where the products can be easily crumbled on touch or the product has been reduced to a powder or loose fibres with very little effort. Friable materials can also include previously bonded materials that have been damaged or weathered. Because the friable materials can easily become airborne they are extremely dangerous.

If you are demolishing or renovating a building that you suspect contains either bonded or friable asbestos products then we would advise seeking professional advice before commencing your project. There are potentially significant health risks if asbestos is removed or disposed of incorrectly along with the potential of also getting a fine.

NSW Asbestos removal based in Silverwater in the Inner West of Sydney have more than 30 years experience dealing with Asbestos. Our staff are professionally trained and comply with all of the NSW requirements. You might be surprised at how cost effective it is to get the professionals in to advise on the job. Call our Sydney office on 0407 050 694 to discuss your project.